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Wednesday, March 3, 2010
at 6:17 AM

speech and drama is like totally so damn screwed.
om can.........haiz...
i'm so tired..........
i'm giving myself too much stress
i so worried cannot do this, cannot do that,
i am such a worrying child
walao,waihong really sabo kia lehs..
abit not happy also want to sabo.
i fu2 le4 ta1

very short post. goodbye


five senses,
see smell hear touch taste

Monday, March 1, 2010
at 4:23 PM

It's so boring.....
karissa is going to tutor me!
maths! she got 27, damn zai.
i hope my maths'll improve.
om is so stressful.......
i kept squeezing my brain juice
to think of new ideas to present it.
and somemore the speech and drama
is like nobody cares to do and whatever.
somemore my group have ______ lehs.
netball also. sianz-_-
then it's like so shui.....
keep discriminating.
one day you'll be so totally be discriminated
by everone then you know.
you know what, ______,
nobody in the class likes you.
the boys are around you just because you're
you're like the most attention-seeking
boy i have ever seen.
but too bad, you're so awfully fat.
you got unwanted attention.
serves you right.
your filthy mouth keep scolding others
like your inner side is rubbish.

wth.....why did i started blabbering abt him?
i'm supposed to say how stressful i am!


five senses,
see smell hear touch taste

at 3:59 PM

A-B-I-C-I-A! ;D
only some people know why.
CUP noodles rocks!
Thanks G-JIE for giving me this nickname
or rather name.
So many things going through my mind.
this world is totally mysterious.
when you thought that everything was calm,
something expected happen.
when you thought that everything is going so smoothly,
the long road is actually bumpy.
should put an end to my thinking.
now in com lab,
not even listening to him.
him--> Mr Wong.
In fact almost everybody is not.
it's so boring.....
saw my juniors.
quite approchable....
orn rather friendly.
Odyssey of the mind is cool.
but there are alot of things to do.
i think i'm a born worrier.
i worry about almost or every single thing in my life.
99%- other things.
when you hand in an assignment to cindy,
one month later, she'll not return.
so what's deadline for when you leave it,
not marking.
thinking of that makes my blood boils.

codes codes and codes.
i can't stand codes.
five senses,
see smell hear touch taste

Monday, February 22, 2010
at 6:33 AM

in fact, i blog again in one day.
just wanna say that my practical exam is screwed
when can i wise up?
so damn disappointed
and xianyue have blog!!! yays.
stands for
xianyuezu- xyz
cool leys.
i like the blogskin
and we are going to have a badge!!
i received a letter from ocbc.
i never deposit money for like more than one
year already then they deactivate sth.
last time posb also nv say anything.
hmm..... damn sian.
seriously, mr ang got some kind of anger problem.
actually also cannot blame him.
he told us that we have 7 failures in our class.
well, any teacher will be disappointed.
he came into the class with a glum face.
we weren't listening to him, he is about to explode.
he waited damn long for us to settle down.
then after that we told him
that the next teacher come already.
He said: " I know, i just want to tell your class that you all have attitude problem."
He call us to try the question then
he will go through the next day.
After saying that,
he left in a puff then he slam the door damn hard.
Even cindy is pissed off.
The cartoon part is that she started teaching us
maths so that mr ang will not be angry.
Cikgu jay is even more cartoon.
she came smiling and in high spririts.
then after that, she left grumpily and angrily.
five senses,
see smell hear touch taste

Sunday, February 21, 2010
at 6:17 AM

wow! exactly onemonth. hmm... will start blogging probably one month later.
five senses,
see smell hear touch taste

Thursday, January 21, 2010
at 6:23 AM

seriously, wat'sso bad abt CO?
ok nvm.....
idununderstand why milly says co is ban'sarh rival
i'm like wth. you mean music? orchestra?
orchestras and orchestras can be arch rival?
does the whole band think this way too???
hmm....ok, anyway, tt's not the point.
the thing is that someppldoesn't appreciate Co music.
i'm fine with it. i mean seriously.
ppl do have different opinions right?
but is there seriously a need to condemn Co.
watever, let me finish abt this topic next time.
five senses,
see smell hear touch taste

Monday, January 4, 2010
Random Post :) at 5:06 AM

heys. i'm back.
today had a not-so-nice orientation.
watever. in any case, it's boring today.
i wonder how the year 1s are doing.
i can't believe i'm in sec 2 and
the year 3s are wearing the jc uniform.
i slipped on the wet drain and there's this
thing that separates the track from the grass.
the metal thingy that people always trip over.
i slipped and i used that thing to stop my myself.
in turn, i hurt my knee and my joint is so in pain.
so i lamented to angela and said,
'i'm in pain!!!!'
then i heard:
"What's your problem????"
i tot it was not for me so i dun care
then nobody replied so i turned around then
i saw this guy in jc uniform walking pass.
TAN SIWEI. i think.
i was like is he talking to me?????
i was pissed off. like about him being so rude???
heck care lar.
tomorrow's CCA trial.


five senses,
see smell hear touch taste


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